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【Alternative Ways of Making a Living】



(Contributed by Ana)

Alternative Ways of Making a Living


I recently read an interesting news article on the BBC news website.  It was about people who are now living in Bali, in Indonesia.  Only this article wasn’t talking about the indigenous people or about people on their vacations in a wonderful, warm and sunny location.  Instead, it was looking at people who had given up their corporate jobs in Western countries to start their own businesses in Bali.


Apparently, there are many upsides.  In some places, it has fast internet speeds that can rival many developed countries.  It also has a cost of living that is much cheaper than the countries they came from.  On top of that, it’s beautiful!   


With people able to work online and a growing confidence from clients that work can and will get done no matter where people live, it’s not surprising that some people are pursuing these types of opportunities.


It has been many years since experts first started to predict that with increasing internet speeds and improving video communications technologies, the future of work will involve a growing number of people working from home.   


Personally, I know a fair number of people who work from home.  A very small number of these still work for large corporates.  They usually work certain days in the office with the remainder at home.  The vast majority of these people however, have left corporate jobs to work at home.  I am currently one myself!   Some people take things a step further by working online so that they can experience living in a different part of the world – such as Bali. 


It’s interesting to read, and to see with my own eyes, an increasing number of people who are adapting to alternative ways of making a living in today’s world.


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