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【The Last Letter Written on the Titanic】



(Contributed by Ana)

The Last Letter Written on the Titanic


Most people have heard of the ill-fated ship called the Titanic.  This ship sadly hit an iceberg and sank in 1912.


Apparently, the last letter to be written on the Titanic has just been sold for a staggering 119,000 British pounds (approximately 20,525,000 Japanese yen) at an auction.


Mrs Esther Hart, her husband, Benjamin, and her daughter, Eva, were travelling second class on the Titanic.  Their reason for travelling on the Titanic was to immigrate to Canada for a better standard of life. 


The famous letter from the Titanic was for Esther Hart’s mother in London.  It had been written by Esther along with her seven-year-old daughter on the day the Titanic sank.  Esther wrote that they were enjoying “the wonderful journey” and that they would probably arrive in New York early due to the swift speed at which the ship was travelling. 


However, other accounts state that Esther wasn’t a very happy passenger.    She regularly expressed her anxiety towards the ship and was convinced that something dreadful was going to happen.  In fact, she was so convinced of this that she stayed up fully dressed every night in full anticipation of this ‘dreadful event’.    It is for this reason that she felt the impact on the night of the 14th of April when the Titanic hit the iceberg.


Esther’s letter for her mother was in the coat pocket of her husband, Benjamin.  Benjamin gave Esther his coat to keep warm and that’s how this historical letter survived.  This is because Esther and Eva were fortunate enough to escape on one of the lifeboats.  Sadly, Benjamin died along with just over 1,500 other people.


Esther and her daughter never did make it to Canada either.  They returned to the United Kingdom where Esther died at the age of 65 in 1928.

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