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【Love Locks】



(Contributed by Ana)

Love Locks


A love lock, otherwise known as a love padlock, is where a padlock is locked to a bridge, gate, fence, lamp post, or a public fixture to symbolize a love shared between two people.  Usually, the people in love inscribe their initials or their names on a padlock.  To represent an unbreakable love, the key is also thrown away.


This expression of love through using love locks started in the 2000s and is now a worldwide phenomenon.     However, some people are seeing these love locks as a growing ugly blight.  This is because previously beautiful bridges, scenes or artefacts are being destroyed by the appearance of ugly looking love locks instead. 


Apparently, the City of Love, otherwise known as Paris, has some bridges covered with so many locks that some now call Paris, the City of Locks.    In 2007, the mayor of Rome was so determined to prevent people using love locks over the Tiber River that he introduced a fine.  Here in the UK, we are now seeing reports that love locks are now appearing in one of our small towns.  


So is this a harmless expression of love or is this an ugly blight?


Image from:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pont_des_Arts.jpg

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