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【Breaking the Ice】

(Contributed by Justin)

Breaking the ice is an idiomatic phrase that means initiating a conversation with someone who is a stranger. Usually in settings such as in school, the workplace, a social gathering, etc… Some people who are quite shy, so they find it difficult to start conversations with someone. For instance, two people are at a social gathering and they are both shy. One of them wants to talk to the other person, but is afraid of how the person will respond. What to do?

One great way of breaking the ice is simply asking the person, “Where are you from?” Once you find out where the person is from, you can easily find a common ground (something you may have in common, or something that you know about his hometown). Two of the most popular things that people have in common are sports and food. Those for sure will break the ice!

Let’s say you find out the person is from Miami, Florida in USA. Since in the US there are all types of food, sports are the for sure way to go. In Miami, just about everyone is a diehard Miami Heat (NBA team) fan. So a good ice breaker question would be, “Are you a Heat fan?” From there you can have a nice conversation about sports.

Let’s say you find out that the person is from Mexico. In Mexico just about everybody loves sports and food, so either one would work. Some popular foods in Mexico are mole and tacos while a famous drink would be a Michelada (spiced up beer). So if you ask them about any of one these, they will smile and feel free to talk!
I’m a very outgoing person and I like to travel, so I have found these to work quite well for breaking the ice. Of course, there are many ways to break the ice with someone or with a group, but just try to find some type of common ground to get the ball rolling!



・そんなときに氷を砕く方法として「Where are you from?」という質問があります。
・例えば、相手がフロリダ州マイアミの出身だったら、「Are you a Heat fan?」と
・また、メキシコ出身だったら、mole tacosやスパイシーなMicheladaビールはいかがでしょうか。



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