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【Warmer Weather!!!】



(Contributed by Yuka)

Warm hot sun, beautiful blue skies…the weather in Michigan is finally looking great! The temperatures in Michigan for the last 3 days were above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and a lot of people are very happy about this. Two weeks ago, Michigan had been getting temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with ice-cold rain showers and pouring hail. Getting beautiful weather like this is blessing in Michigan, and many people here are taking advantage of this. Many individuals today went waterskiing, swimming and jogging in the hot sun.


Instead of participating in these activities, my daughter and I decided to go shopping on this delightful day. My daughter and I went shopping at the mall in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and shopped at various boutiques. At these stores, we can get really great deals for the items that we pay for. My daughter bought a cute pair of patterned pants and two adorable knit tops for $44.00 at one of the boutiques. At some stores, you can buy only one pair of pants or a top for $44.00, so my daughter and I really got a good deal out of this. Another store we went to is a store where all the items within the place are under $5.00. You can get some pretty interesting great stuff at this store, along with fantastic deals.


After my daughter and I went shopping at the mall, she and I went out to eat at a Japanese store that also sells Japanese merchandise and goods. The majority of the products sold in this store are shipped from Japan. What makes this store so incredible is the fact that within the establishment is a mini sushi bar, where you can eat fresh handmade sushi that is made right in front of your eyes. The sushi there is amazing!!!



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