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【A map of the 31 Continental United States and U.S. Territories】


(Contributed by Crystal)
This map depicts the state of the union around the Civil War period, from 1861- 1865.
The states which are colored blue were part of the Union; these states were against slavery. The states which are colored grey were part of the Confederacy; these are the Southern states. The Confederacy supported slavery, and wished to secede from the Union. The red states were on the border, (literally and figuratively speaking). During the Civil War era, the blue states and the grey states came to be referred to as the North and the South.
As a whole, people who lived in the North opposed slavery; on the other hand, people who lived in the South supported slavery. In fact, they were slave owners. Southern people depended on large plantations to earn a living. These plantation owners were exceedingly rich. They depended on slave labor to keep their plantations thriving. A major crop during the Civil War period was cotton. Slaves picked cotton by hand. Cotton is very soft but the boll of the cotton plant was prickly and sharp. Picking cotton was hard work, in a hot field. Slaves worked from daylight until dark in the fields; after their field work was done, they continued to do other work on the plantation and did not usually stop to rest and sleep until midnight.

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