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【The US Presidential Election】

(Contributed by Will)

For the last few months there has been a political race in America to find or ‘nominate’ the presidential ‘candidate’ for both the Republican Party (referred to as the ‘Republicans’ but also known as the ‘GOP’) and the Democratic Party (simply referred to as the ‘Democrats’).

Now it seems that the famous (of perhaps ‘infamous’) businessman, Donald Trump has succeeded in becoming the ‘nominee’ for the Republicans and it is most likely that Hilary Clinton (wife of former US president Bill Clinton) is going to be the Democrats’ nominee. These two powerful political figures will now spend the better part of the rest of this year campaigning on the ‘run up’ to the election itself.

We in the UK – and indeed, around the world – take a great interest in the election campaign and the result from it. America is our biggest ‘ally’ outside of Europe and so their choice of leader affects us in many ways. Our future, both in Europe and worldwide will be affected, for better or worse, by the outcome of the election in America.

Trump is often a ‘figure of ridicule’ in this part of the world – he comes across as brash, arrogant and lacking in wisdom and intelligence. A win for him in the election would possibly have negative effects on our economy and politics, but probably not as much of an effect as he’s likely to have on his own country. His personal views and political ‘policies’ are regarded as incredibly ‘right wing’ and he often ‘verges on’ being an ‘outright’ racist.

Hilary Clinton is not quite as poorly-considered as her rival, Trump, but she is not fully trusted by many Americans due to her ‘ties’ to big corporations, especially her links to big banks. Since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, banks have lost much of the ‘public trust’ in America and around the world, so finding out that a possible future US president has a lot of friends in that world is not exactly good news for the American people.
Whatever the outcome, this year’s US Presidential Election is sure to prove ‘divisive’ and dramatic and will likely affect us all!

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