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【My Home Town: Oundle】   *要点説明あり

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(Contributed by Karl)

Oundle is located near the river Nene in Northamptanshire but it is also known to be in Cambrideshire, England. It is about 60 miles north of London. It was known as a trading place for craftsmen, a market for local farmers, and has been inhabited since the Iron Age. The area became very prosperous; traders set up shops and houses and it became a very expensive place to live and is still the same today.

Oundle is very famous for its public schools which was founded in 1465. Sir William Laxton was educated, then became Lord Mayor of London. Oundle private schools still exit today and many famous people attended. One of my favourite famous rock bands is “Iron Maiden” and Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer, attended as a teenager. So did the scientist Richard Dawkins.

I went to Prince William school which was always classed as an “outstanding school.” I prefer to differ – I hated school. When I was questioned from the teacher “Karl, how can we keep the school clean?” I had replied “stay at home.” All jokes aside, no matter how much I hated school, I missed it when I left. But thanks to social media, I keep in contact with old school mates but never have been to a school reunion or seen my ex-girlfriends. They are all married and have children now, maybe even are grandparents like me.

A farmers market is still held every other Saturday and a local market every Thursday. Oundle has many shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants, and has two large supermarkets.

Do I miss my home town? No. I have grown up and seen parts of the world, seen different cultures, and my hometown was a town that I eventually grew out of. I had to spread my wings but we did have some fun!!!!!


 Iron Maidenのリードボーカル、科学者のRichard Dawkinsもここで学びました。
・私はPrince William schoolに通いました。私は学校は嫌いでした。



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