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  • 【An April Fool’s Surprise by Lala (a continued story)】   *要点説明あり

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【An April Fool’s Surprise by Lala (a continued story)】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Lala)

It’s time to continue the tale of what happened on April 1st, 2016.

If you remember the first part of this story, you will recall that I heard a strange noise, early in the morning coming for my kitchen. I wanted to stay sleeping in bed but the sound was bothering me. I had to find out what it was and why it seemed to be coming from that area of my home. I got out of bed and walked toward the noise. Suddenly, the sound stopped. I thought I’d head back to bed but then, but the sound had returned with a vengeance and was several times louder.

This time, I ran to the kitchen and looked toward the area, from where the sounds were emanating. I could see little sticks falling onto the stove’s surface.

They were falling down from the fan that hung above. I felt like I was watching a horror movie for a moment and then there was a very loud chirp! I looked closer at the fan over the stove and saw that there was something up inside of it. Right then and there, I knew that I must open the screen over the fan to see what creature was hiding inside.

To my surprise, there was a red-breasted bird sitting on a pile of twigs and leaves that it had brought into the stove’s hood. It was an oversized robin that looked so full and round, that it might explode any time. This crazy bird had built its nest directly on top of the exhaust fan. I took one of the sticks and pushed the bird off of the nest. It squawked loudly, admonishing me as I removed the sticks.

Then I poked the mother-to-be, to get her to move out of the space. She became furious and did her best not to budge from her new home. Unfortunately, the bird had to go and I made her move out. I took a long-handled spoon and pushed her
until she finally flew away.

I waited a few minutes and everything seemed perfectly quiet. So I started walking back toward the bedroom, when suddenly I heard the same squawking noises again.
The bird had flown back into the stove’s fan-hood and was proudly rebuilding the nest. Once again, I used the spoon to force the robin out. She wouldn’t move. I had no choice but to try something drastic.

I reached up and turned the knob to switch on the fan. The robin squawked angrily, as it flew out of the fan-hood, banging its wings on the shuttered door, as it exited.

But the bird didn’t fly away, at all. It sat on the top of the fence outside the kitchen window. It shrieked a scornful cry as it sat screaming about being pushed out of the fan-hood. The defiant chirping continued and I was sure that the robin could see me looking at it, through the window. It glared at me several times, ruffling its feathers continuing to chirp and squawk, as loud as possible. I stood there, glaring back for a moment or two. Then I gleefully, headed back to sleep because I left the fan running.

What started as an April Fool’s joke on me, ended as an April Fool’s surprise on the bird, because I finally remembered: It’s a good idea to leave the fan, on, in the spring.


【An April Fool’s Surprise by Lala (a continued story)】




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