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【Summer Holidays】

(Contributed by Alana)
In Japan, many people are able to get Golden Week and have some time off of work. Unfortunately in Canada, we don’t have a long holiday in the spring or summer off work. We celebrate a few long weekends throughout the seasons instead.
The first holiday in spring is Victoria Day. We celebrate this on the last Monday before May 25th each year. This is to celebrate Queen Victoria of England’s birthday. Most schools and some businesses will be closed on this day. This is referred to as ‘the May long weekend’ and to celebrate, people usually have barbeques or go to cottages. Many people will also light fireworks. We see this as the first weekend of summer.
On July 1st, we celebrate Canada Day. This holiday is to celebrate Canada’s independence from Great Britain, which we achieved in 1867. This is a national holiday and most businesses are closed. Many people will hold barbeques and if the weather is nice, everyone will spend time outside drinking and eating. Fireworks are also popular and local governments will often throw festivals and have fireworks shows at night. Many towns and cities will also have parades to celebrate.
There is also a long weekend the first weekend of August. However, this is a civic holiday, meaning only government institutions are closed. Most businesses remain open this weekend, but many people will take Monday off work to relax anyway. This is usually around the time of my birthday, so it’s one of my favourite weekends of the year!
The last holiday we celebrate is Labour Day. This is the first Monday in September and it signifies the end of summer. Students go back to school the next day and the weather starts to get colder soon after. Labour Day is great for relaxing and enjoying the last few days of summer. Most businesses are closed on this day as well.
These are the days that I’ll be looking forward to this summer! Lots of barbeques and sunny weather, I hope.

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