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【I Love Camping!!!】



(Contributed by Reuben)

I Love Camping!!!


I haven’t gone camping in Bandai-san since the big earthquake in Japan 3 years ago. Now, it’s become an itch that I just got to scratch.  After a busy few months here at Virtual English, I requested some time off, and was lucky enough to get it. Now, I’m a little rusty so I thought I would do some auto camping before I get into some serious backpacking.


My father used to take me camping all the time, and we’d go fishing and have a BBQ. The only bad thing was he always wanted to take his old camper van, which we had to spend a whole day cleaning out and preparing. I believe camping should be easy, and auto camping should be even easier.  Just throw your gear in the back of the car and GO! If I ever have kids, I want it to be an experience they can enjoy—not dread.  We’ll take off to some beautiful camping spot, and relax with nature. We’ll do some reading, go hiking and go fishing. We’ll also learn bushcraft; for example, bird watching and foraging. One of my personal favorites is wild mushroom picking…which you should NEVER do without proper training.


I’ve also learned how to do all kinds of fun things while camping, like spearing fishing, cooking using a Dutch oven, smoking meats and cheeses, fire lighting and foil cooking.  I’ve also learned how to make a portable wood-burning stove, how to cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag over a fire, how to debone a fish, how to hobo fish, how to catch a fish using your bare hands, and the list goes on and on.


I’m going to have so much fun! Today, I even bought some camping essentials like a hatchet for chopping wood, and a pocket saw for sawing small branches, and I think everyone already saw my hangou. I just love getting away from technology and the city, and experience our beautiful natural world. We finally chose a nice spot in Omiya, Ibaraki, so I can’t wait!

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