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【The Old House】


(Contributed by Crystal)
This is a photo of my family home. This photo was taken in 1886. In the center of this photo are my great-great grandparents. The little girl holding my Great-Great grandmother’s hand, in the center, is my great-grandmother.
My great-grandmother died two days after giving birth to my grandfather. Dying during child-birth, or soon-after giving birth was common during this time. My great-grandfather took my grandfather to this family home, to be raised by his mother’s family. My grandfather never saw his father again until he was 14 years old.
My grandfather’s name was William Hurriah (HUE rye uh). He grew up in the house that is in this photo. During his childhood there was no electricity or running water. We call this house “The Old House” and it still stands today.
In 1989, during Hurricane Hugo, the roof of “The Old House” was destroyed. My grandfather placed heavy tin sheets over the gaping hole in the roof. Eleven years later, my aunt began restoring “The Old House”. It took her over a decade to repair it and run electric wires and put plumbing in the house.
Today, “The Old House” is a National Historic Site. The Federal Government wanted to buy the house from my grandfather, but he refused to sell it. He willed it to my aunt before his death and stipulated that it must never be sold and remain in the family forever!

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