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【Windfall ? Volunteer Experience】


(Contributed by Sylwia)
For our Day of Service, my colleagues and I volunteered at Windfall. This is a non-profit organization that accepts donated clothing from retailers like H&M and the Gap. They then donate the clothing to the needy. For example, they donate suits and dress clothes to people who need them for job interviews, which boosts their confidence during the interview! It was a really wonderful experience volunteering with Windfall as they do so much good for the community. Our role was to sort donated bracelets and package them to be sent out to youth organizations. We met a lot of great people there, like Mike, who has (seen in the picture below) who has been working with Windfall for quite a number of years. He was so kind and supportive to us – it was really great of him and our coordinator, Jessica, to allow us into their space.
The experience really allowed me to reflect on my role as a Catholic teacher. In my elementary placement, my Mentor Teacher talked about how a former student applied to take part in this type of program. His teachers took him to find a suit for his Grade 8 graduation. Windfall donated a brand new (and quite expensive!) suit to him. My mentor teacher showed me some pictures of the student in the suit and he was absolutely beaming! If Windfall can come into our school communities and provide so much joy and confidence to our students, I am honored to devote my time to volunteering with them. As teachers we often talk about the school community, but it’s great when we can get involved and collaborate with community at large, as it can greatly impact our students and our own attitudes.

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