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【Two of My Roommates Aren’t So Smart】


(Contributed by Michelle)
Hi, everyone! As some of you have read, I recently moved. Right now, I’m staying with friends’ of friends in a small, 3-bedroom house. It is nice, but does have some minor issues. Last week, I wrote about the ‘ant problem’ if you recall. Thankfully, that problem will be resolved next week. Well, there is another thing that I found out recently.
I’ve only been here a few weeks and in that time, I’ve been getting to know my new roommates. And boy, are they dumb. I mean it. They are really, really … dumb. They aren’t smart at all. I don’t get it. I really don’t.
For instance, the other day, I told them both them to be quiet and to sit. Jade sat immediately, but Buckley, well, Buck… he just couldn’t understand. When his owner or I tell him to sit, he rarely ever does. Usually he just keeps running around or jumping up and down instead of looking at the other dog to see what she is doing. Even his dog trainer was unsuccessful at getting him to sit.
Afterwards, I went to let them outside. We have a sliding glass door with a screen and both were closed. Well, as soon as I opened the door, Jade tried to go through the door pretty fast and bounced off the screen. She didn’t know what happened. It was very funny, but it was even funnier when Buck did it. He had to know the screen was there because I hadn’t opened it yet and he had been watching me the whole time!


Last night thought, cracked me up. I had to teach, so I go ready and closed the door. The both saw me go in my room. I was bouncing around the Free Talk Rooms, but during the first hour there weren’t any students, so I didn’t talk with anyone. Then, when a student joined the room, I began talking with them like usual. It must have surprised Jade because she started barking in the living room. Then Buck joined her. They stopped after a minute or so when I think they realized it was me. I had scared them! They had to know I was in the room. As soon as I was done, I opened my door to check on them. They were both sitting at the door looking at me, waiting to be let in my room.
I love these dogs already, even though they aren’t the smartest.

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