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【Home improvement】


(Contributed by Jackie)
Well in my last blog entry I wrote about my new hobby which is to make baby headbands. I finally received the materials but I am still waiting for the elastic to arrive. So while I wait for all these things to arrive I suddenly had the urge to fix my house. I live in a gated community in which all the houses are built with the same floor plan and have the same fixtures. So I wanted to add something different. As you know home improvements can be very expensive and at the moment I am short on cash but I came up with a small home improvement job that won’t make a hole in my pocket. I decided to make a slight remodel of my bathroom, I want to take out the old bathtub and build a shower instead, I also want to change the bathroom tiles. I would really like to buy a vanity but it is a bit expensive and I don’t have a budget for that. I’ve decided to cut costs by limited my remodel to removing the bathtub, building the shower and changing the fixtures of my sink and shower. My budget is $500.00, this weekend I want to buy the first materials for my bathroom. I want to buy the tiles for the shower’s floor and the tiles for the wall, last night I checked for prices at a local hardware store and estimated I will spend about $50.00 on the tiles for the shower floor and approximately $80.00 for the wall. I checked the prices for the fixtures and it was approximately $150.00. I decided not to buy a shower door but use a shower curtain instead, I think it is both economical and easy to maintain. The cost of labor might be around $200.00, I also have to set aside for the cement, tile glue and any other item the contractor might need. I hope to finish this project by next month, I am really looking forward to seeing my bathroom remodeled!

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