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【Spring finally arrives in Toronto】


Mike Morikawa

For the first time this year, I really felt that spring had finally arrived. For weeks, we in Toronto had been teased with warmer weather. We’d get a day or two warm weather, followed by single-digit days. On two different occasions, we had hail that pebbled the roofs and sidewalks. Even as the temperature broke the 20-degree mark in the afternoon, the mornings and evenings would still hover around 5 degrees.


But no more! This week has been absolutely beautiful, with amazingly sunny skies that warm the body. Patios are full of customers, and I see plenty of people taking lunch in the park and soaking in the rays of the sun. We in Toronto tend to hibernate in the wintertime, and this year’s winter was as cold and bitter as any.


Yesterday I ran errands, wearing only a polo-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. After bundling up, adding layer after layer to keep out the cold, the absence of a jacket felt strange and liberating at the same time.


Of course an increase in temperature, a decrease in the layers and lengths of clothing, or an increase in the patio population of Toronto are not the only signs of spring. The surest sign that spring has arrived?


Yesterday we turned on our air conditioning. Now I know that the cold temperatures are behind me.


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