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【Vacation Expressions】


(Contributed by Alana)
As I’ve mentioned, my vacation to South Korea is quickly approaching! I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about vacation idioms and expressions.
Catch some rays – This phrase means to sit in the sun. We also simply say ‘get some sun’. This is great to use when you’re at the beach relaxing and getting a sun tan! I’m going to go lie on the beach and catch some rays.
Book in advance – To book in advance means to make a reservation ahead of time, or request something early. This is used commonly for hotels, tickets, tours, and renting vehicles. We don’t usually use it for restaurants, and instead will say ‘make a reservation ahead of time’. During Golden Week, hotels are very busy so I have to book in advance.
Get away from it all – In this phrase, ‘it all’ means the stress of daily life – work, family, friends, finances. To get away from it all means to leave home or work and go somewhere peaceful to relax. I am so stressed at work, I can’t wait to get away from it all on vacation next week.
Hit the town – This is a great, fun phrase. To hit the town means to go out and have fun! We usually use it when talking about going to restaurants, bars, or fun tours. We never use it for something that’s more relaxed, like going to museums or going to the beach. I’ve been at museums all day, so tonight, I want to hit the town!
Off the beaten path – To go off the beaten path means to do something that isn’t very common, or to go somewhere that other people don’t. There are many great local restaurants and sights that many tourists don’t go to. Although I liked visiting Tokyo Sky Tree and Kyoto, I’d rather go somewhere off the beaten path.
I’ll definitely be using these phrases on my upcoming vacation!

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