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【Idioms…Part 2】



Idioms…Part 2


Although ESL students will struggle to use idioms effectively and at appropriate times, they are an important part of the makeup of the English language. Advanced level students who are striving for fluency should learn as many as they can to take their skills to the next level.

This time, we will focus on commonly used idioms related to animals:

as blind as a bat

This literally means that a person is blind. This idiom is often used when someone can’t see something that is directly in front of them.

as busy as a beaver

This means ‘very busy’. This idiom originates from how beavers are always working non-stop all day.

as drunk as a skunk

This means ‘very drunk’. It is a play on words and can be used if someone has had too much to drink.

as quiet as a mouse

This means ‘very shy’ or ‘quiet’. Someone who never speaks up or walks around the house quietly can be considered ‘as quiet as a mouse’.

as scared as a rabbit

This means ‘very scared’. If someone runs away from something that they fear, they can be considered to be ‘as scared as a rabbit’.

as sick as a dog

This means ‘very sick’. You can use this idiom if you have a bad cold or the flu or you are generally not feeling well.

the black sheep of the family

This relates to family members who might be a little different from other members in the family. They might be tall when the others are short, or they might have a completely different personality. 

eat like a horse

This means that someone eats a lot or has a big appetite.

drink like a fish

This idiom can be used for someone who drinks a lot.

a lone wolf

This is someone who prefers to spend a lot of time on their own.

raining cats and dogs

This idiom means that it is raining very heavily.


To be continued…


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