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【Creative Advertising】


(Contributed by Mike)


This morning as I was surfing the net, I came across an interesting story.


The person reporting the story explain how he had found a CD in a CD sleeve attached to a utility pole at a local, busy intersection. The CD sleeve sported a big question mark symbol, and inside the sleeve was the CD and a paper with a puzzle and website.


Following the website led to a Soundcloud page, where a catchy pop-rock song could be listened to, and a link to the same puzzle. Solve the puzzle and you would learn the name of the band.


Of course, internet sleuths very quickly solved the puzzle and learned the name of the band. Having heard their mystery song and having quite enjoyed it, I’m sure I am not alone in saying that they’ve piqued my curiosity.


The CD that the person writing the story found was labeled #160 of 200, so the band put quite a bit of personal effort into making these mystery discs. And as a result of sharing this story on the internet, they’ve reach a far wider audience than those 200 discs would have on their own. I wonder if that was the plan all along. The advent of social media has meant that even the smallest things can balloon out of proportion, and people can go from obscurity to worldwide fame overnight.


I think anyone who advertising something strives for creativity. Japan is notorious in the west for having some truly wacky commercial, commercials who must compete to stay in the minds of consumers. But the disposable nature of social media makes me wonder how useful a tool it is for truly creative advertising.

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