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【The Election】


(Contributed by George)
Do you remember the Scottish Referendum for Independence? The Scots wanted to separate from England and Wales. They voted no. But now, a few months later that desire for change in the ‘Union’ has not gone away, and the Scottish Nation Party turned into a progressive and modern party that we in England could only dream of. They stand as a protest against the tired parties of Westminster (The place of the UK government), they had a woman in charge, a capable and charismatic leader – unlike our group of potato-headed boring clones that lead the main parties of the UK.
Whatever happened in Scotland. We need it here in the UK. There are a lot of people questioning the legitimacy of the New ‘Tory’ government, other’s saying they are the only ones who could do it.
For the last 100 years or so, they only parties that have mattered in British politics are the Tories (right of centre) and Labour (left of centre) – a third party has always held the views of those that want neither, the Liberal Democrats were supposed to be the party of the centre, by they have just been destroyed. And it seemed like this time that might be changing, as small parties like UKIP (the UK independence Party, who campaign against Europe), The Green Party (Environmentalists) and various other small parties started to gain support around the election – but they each only won a single seat. The Scottish National Party have replaced the Liberal democrats as the third party of the UK, and this has the chance to change the nation in massive ways beyond the borders of Scotland – we could be looking at a Federal United Kingdom, with England, Scotland and Wales having their own governments. Because of the Rise of UKIP we are now committed to vote to stay in Europe too – our political future is looking to be very different.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain may not be united for very long, and we may not be able to call it Britain.
There is a lot of arguments happening now, everyone angry at each other – let’s hope we can still be friends, whatever the outcome eh?

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