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【Batman vs Superman movie】

(Contributed by Reuben)
Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding the new actor chose to play batman (Ben Affleck) It’s still great to see them include on of the greatest batman story lines in the new Batman movie. Although this story line could be seen as a mere engine to drive the origin of the Justice League it is a great way to introduce these two iconic characters. Superman was always looked at by readers that could never be defeated as. Superman has only really two weaknesses which are kryptonite, and magic. Superman is almost impossible to defeat by brute force, and even to be too much even for the Hulk during the DC/Marvel cross over. Doomsday has been the only character to achieve this though it was more of a draw since they both died by the end of the battle. However since Doomsday can never really die since he regenerates, and the amount of time given to do this is dependent of the severity of his body at the time of death I still consider Doomsday to be the victor of that battle. Regardless a common man with no super abilities defeating the man of steel is just unheard of, and that’s why that particular comic is considered to be the best batman story line.

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