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【Animal Hijinks】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Mike)

In the past I’ve written about some of the famous (infamous?) animals that have made news in Toronto. In 2012 we had the Ikea monkey. In 2014 the White Squirrel of Trinity Bellwoods Park was found dead. Last year, #deadraccoonTO made funny headlines around the world when a poor, very dead raccoon at a well-travelled intersection of the city prompted a makeshift memorial.

This trend seems to be continuing, with more animal hijinks this spring. In the west end of Toronto is a large natural park called High Park. High Park has plenty of wooded trails and cycling paths, picnic areas for an afternoon barbeque, a pond where you can rent a paddleboat, and a small zoo. Two weeks ago, a pair to capybaras escaped their pen and fled into the woods.

The search is on to find these two rodent fugitives, but as of yet (the second Saturday of June), they have not been captured. Some say that the capybaras are doing just fine, and that they should just let them be. However, others rightly point out that capybaras, native to South America, are unlikely to survive the cold Canadian winter.

Part of the problem is that they spend most of the time in the water, with just their eyes and nostrils poking out. This makes them exceptionally hard to spot amongst the reeds along the ponds and streams. One was nearly caught in a trap a few days ago, but managed to escape before the trap could be shut.

Just yesterday, a news crew happened to spot the escapees and catch them on video, so it seems likely that the High Park capybaras’ taste of freedom will be coming to a close soon.

・2012年にはIkea Monkey、2014年はWhite Squirrel of Trinity Bellwoods Park、

・トロント市の西側にある大きな自然公園のHigh Parkで、



・High Parkのカピバラが自由を謳歌できる時間も、終わりに近づいているのかもしれません。



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