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There is hardly anything more troublesome than prepositions. They are hard to get a real handle on for students of the English language and even native English speakers. Sometimes only specific prepositions are used. Other times you may choose from a few different ones and still convey the same meaning. Most prepositions are very short words, as you already know. However, there are a few multi-word prepositions as well. Here is an example list of some of them:

According to
According to the police report, her wallet was stolen, Friday.
Ahead of
I want to be there ahead of time.
Apart from
Apart from any emergency, I will arrive on Monday.
As for
As for me and my family, we all love seafood.
As per
As per the president, we will continue to fight using Special Forces.
Back to
We need to get back to the basics.
Because of
Because of the storm, we had no electricity.
Close to
I live close to my father.
Due to
Due to high temperatures, we will run the air-conditioned non-stop.
Except for
Except for July and August, the summers here are bearable.
Far from
I live far from the mountains.
In to (contracted “into”)
I want to go in to the water.
Inside of
She is inside of her house.
Left of
The supermarket is left of the gas station

As far as
As far as I am concerned, we can go tomorrow.
As long as
As long as we have the funds to do it, it will work.
As well as
You know as well as I do.

By means of
We will go, by means of public transportation
For the sake of
They conquered the land, for the sake of the king.
In accordance with
Please stay in accordance with the Obama policy.
In addition to
I have no further questions in addition to what I have already asked.
In case of
Call 911 in case of an emergency.
In front of
I will wait for you in front of the house.
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