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【Moving – Throwing Away】

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(Contributed by George)
When we move, we need to ‘lighten the load’ we have to throw things away, in order to make moving easier, we get rid of everything we no longer need.
I’ve been travelling to the dump, the charity shop and I’ve been filling the black bins and recycling bins with things I don’t want or need anymore. The trouble comes when you don’t want to get rid of something, you are ‘torn between’ throwing something into the bin, and keeping it for sentimental reasons. Should I keep this? Should I keep that?
No matter what you choose to keep, and whatever you choose to get rid of, you still have lots to do. Lacking a car, I have been carrying bag after bag of books, old videos and ornaments to the charity shop around the corner from me. My arms ache, my muscles strained from lifting and breaking furniture, but it does bring a sense of satisfaction, every time I ‘get rid of’ something, I feel relief, I feel better. Moving to a new town, means a fresh start – this feeling above all others makes the moving process go on, it makes it easier to throw away everything I don’t need anymore.
But sometimes it is hard to choose what to get rid of, Do I keep this book I never read, Do I throw away this CD I never play? Are CDs even necessary anymore with internet, MP3s and the modern world? It’s making me re-evaluate. And it’s exciting.
Right I’m off to ‘chuck away’ a heap of paper I’ve been keeping since I left university.
Change is ‘a-coming’
See you soon,

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