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  • 【Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Raw Tuna in Sushi Sickens 53 in 9 States】

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【Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Raw Tuna in Sushi Sickens 53 in 9 States】

(Contributed by Reuben)
How did I know this was gonna happen. Not to put down my homeland or anything, but they just don’t have the same standards handling raw food like Japan does. Japan has been doing it for centuries, and take every precaution when doing so. To them its an art form. To Americans it’s just a job. A way to make money. When you don’t take things seriously especially when it involves food or medicine people can get hurt…even die. Raw fish is not the problems America has. You name we can’t eat it raw! Pork, chicken, beef, not even eggs. If it wasn’t for the FDA Americans would have killed themselves a long time ago.
I especially hate this quote from a U.S. doctor. “This is a good reminder to Californians that there are sometimes risks when eating raw or undercooked meats, fish or poultry,” Dr. Karen Smith, director of the California Department of Public Health, said in a statement. NOT IN JAPAN! At least not with fish. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this kind of story in Japan. I don’t know I haven’t really been looking, but it’s sad that a doctor is telling Americans this because it’s not really a risk when handled properly.

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