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【Bulgarian Yogurt】

(Contributed by Karl)
Bulgaria yogurt is believed to date back 4000 years they call it sour milk, when i first arrived in Bulgaria in 2010 i thought yogurt was yogurt, strawberry, banana,peach lemon, blackberry etc, of course there are the healthy one’s probiotic yogurts which are more expensive and good for your stomach so they say. First time a was introduced to Bulgarian yogurt was when i was in the supermarket, my wife who is Russian has been living here for 25 years and said could you get some yogurt for breakfast, i picked out a international brand, strawberry flavour, no no she said Bulgarian yogurt, i didn’t no what to pick there was so many to choose from,i let the expert (wife) choose the mornings breakfast. Morning arrived getting breakfast ready, toast and coffee and yogurt.
I never gave it a thought that the yogurt would be any different to what i call normal yogurt until i tasted it, gastly stuff i said, tastes and smells like gone of milk (sour milk) its good for you she said, well back in the UK i was always told not to drink or eat gone off milk or yogurt when i was a kid, you could end up at the doctors, its the best in the world i got told, you must be kidding, to this day i still don’t like it, but its ok with moussaka another traditional recipe of Bulgaria you can’t taste it
I did some research and here is what i found, Lactobacillus bacteria is responsible for Bulgarian yogurt fermentation and there is no other countries outside the Balkans tastes anything like the Bulgarian variety.
Bulgarian yogurt is produced through the bacterial fermentation of milk, using a live culture of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Fermentation ends when the yogurt has cooled, the longer the yogurt is allowed to stay warm, the more pronounced the sour flavor becomes.Another factor influencing flavor is that Bulgarian yogurt is never sterilized after fermentation.
Bulgaria has a stake of about 60% of the Japanese yogurt market, where 40 M people regularly consume the product. It has a lot of health benefits good for the digestive tract help to prevent osteoporosis, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, also excellent diet food makes you feel fuller faster,

Maybe one day i will get to like sour milk with all the health benefits ?

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