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【Moving – Cleaning the Old House】

(Contributed by George)
We have to scrub the house top to bottom, so the next person who has it has a nice place to live, and I can get my ‘deposit’ back.
So I’ve been buying industrial cleaning products and polishing the house in every ‘nook and cranny’, wiping the inside of cupboards. Hoovering floors and shampooing carpets. It’s something I would describe as a ‘deep clean’ or a ‘spring clean’.
I live in a tall thin house, there is one room on each floor, so it means we have three ‘flights of stairs’ to clean, with a hoover (vacuum cleaner) and cloths and mops. It’s part of the torture of living in these old fashioned English houses, you have to climb many stairs to small rooms.
Today I’m cleaning behind the fridge and cleaning the garden, these are jobs we do only a few times a year – and my garden is small (more like the American “yard”) so there is a little bit of ‘weeding’ to do (removing unwanted plants or ‘weeds’). I also have to cut the hedge.
It’s very satisfying cleaning up, throwing things away, and packing – it’s almost like I’m reorganising my life and preparing to start it again in a new city and a new house. ‘ALL CHANGE’ as we sometimes say.
So, I’ve got a few taps to polish until they shine, and many boxes and lots of furniture to sort out and put in a van.
I’ll see you in a week, when I’ve moved house, and I’ll keep you updated.

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