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【To Please All!!】   *要点説明あり

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(Contributed by Ian)

I come from a background where my parents have always given me the freedom (right from as far as I can remember) to make my own decisions – after discussing with them (of course). When I was about to finish my 10th grade, my parents and relatives started asking me which major subject I would want to take up in college. I told them that I wanted to study Arts as my interest was to be a teacher of English and taking up science did not make sense to me.
My choice did not go down well with my folks and they said I should take up sciences as it was the “in” thing. There were lots of opportunities and almost everyone’s child they said they knew (the successful ones of course!!), had taken up sciences. I was not too happy with their argument and was under a lot of pressure. After a few days of stress, I told them that I did not want to take up sciences at all.
My father then told me, “Look, you can always shift from Science to Arts in college if you still feel that Arts is what you want to do“-a desperate attempt to convince me, I thought. “But you cannot move from Arts to Science later”. Also, he told me that as I was poor at Math (I truly was), I could choose Biology, Chemistry and Physics and that he will employ a tutor for the subjects I found tough to handle.
To make my parents happy, I finally relented, chose Biology as a major and went on to do two successful Masters Programs in Environmental Science. I got the opportunity to pursue one of those two Masters programs in the UK.
As an international student in the UK, I was exposed to many cultures of the other students (for which I am so grateful). Being in an English speaking country also rekindled my love of the English language. Years later after doing a few science related projects, I came back to doing what I truly was passionate about- teaching English. Seven years of successful teaching enriched my teaching experience, helped me gain so many friends (students) and has left me with a sense of true satisfaction.
Sometimes you can please others and also please yourself.








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