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【New Peter Pan Movie….WOW!】

(Contributed by Reuben)
This movie looks amazing in which the origin story is told of Peter Pan, and Captain Hook, and how they came to be. Since the trailer shows Captain Hook as an ally of Peter it seems the famous black beard will be the antagonist of this story. From what I saw from the trailer the soundtrack sounds amazing, and the special affects look amazing. I’ve never really liked the Pan movies much except the Disney’s animated version, and I still plan on reading the book, but this one might change my mind. I really did like the Peter Pan story line, and mythos that’s developed since the book was written. I especially really enjoyed the love interest between Pan and Wendy. It was sad to see them reunite in the sequel when Pan saw Wendy all grown up, and married with children. I wonder if he regretted not following Wendy back home. Where as in the first movie Peter Pan played by Robin Williams actually followed Wendy, and married her.

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