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【The Prominent Southern belle-2】



(Contributed by Crystal)

Part II          


A Southern belle’s most important job was to be a social butterfly and to look pretty! As you can tell, these women were considered to be very uppity and vain. They attended many balls, which are fancy dances, dinner parties (they were experts at entertaining guest), and social gatherings. They paid very close attention to personal etiquette, and learned how to be proper from their mothers, grandmothers, and important social ladies in their community.


              Modern Southern belles are very different from the original Southern belles. In fact, the original Southern belles would snub (or turn their nose up at), women who call themselves Southern belles today. Today, many Southern belles carry an air of promiscuity about them. They are not the virtuous, conservative women of the 1800s.


              So as I mentioned before, the situations, settings, and experiences will paint a more accurate picture of the Southern belle. If you want to understand her, there are quite a few movies that portray who she really is. To name a few: Driving Miss Daisy and Gone with the Wind. These two movies portray the original Southern belle. Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes will give you an idea of the more modern Southern belle. These movies will take you from the turn of the century through the 70s and 80s. Finally, today’s Southern belle takes many shapes and forms. But here is a link to my favorite ones of them all.


I hope you enjoy learning more about her as you follow her through time.

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