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【Antman Movie】

(Contributed by Reuben)
I’ve never taken an interest in this comic book superhero. I mean the ability to shrink in size, and control ants seems a bit ridiculous, but I don’t think the concept itself was bad. I mean Japanese manga itself has some pretty crazy stories, but it’s really all in the way you draw it, and there in lies the problem with Antman is that it was never really drawn out very good. Making the action scenes mediocre at best. Which is actually why I’m glad they’re making this movie. It will give a chance for Marvel Comic fans to see this character in a different light, and bring out the true potential of this class Marvel super hero. Also since as I said before the concept of this super hero is hard to take seriously I thought it was genius to choose a comedic actor to dawn the mantel of Antman. (Paul Rudd) I personally am looking forward to the movie, and wouldn’t mind paying the extra money to see it in a theater.

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