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【Fantastic Four Reboot and a New Johnny Storm】

(Contributed by Reuben)
First of all I don’t know why we’re even having a reboot on this franchise. I mean did people hate Jessica Alba that much? I enjoyed the 2 films marvel put out for this comic based film. Then again I’m a cheap date. But seriously I thought they were pretty entertaining with amazing special effects. In fact I might rent them again this weekend. Although I feel those movies stand on their own just fine the re-boot is not totally unwelcome, but then we have the issue of an African American playing a traditionally white skinned blond haired blue eyed Johnny Storm. Which in this day in age who cares. Acting is all about making you believe that this person is the character. I’ve seen even the biggest actors fail at this like Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter. I didn’t believe it nor like it. It’s just all a matter of perspective, and taste, and you know the old saying “there’s no accounting for taste.”

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