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【Appreciation 】



(Contributed by Sharan)



I wanted to write a quick post about the importance of appreciation. Of late, I have been busying myself with reading books, volunteering, hanging out with family and other commitments.  However, I am lucky to have this amazing opportunity, and I would like to go over the concept of appreciation.  One of the greatest feelings you and I will ever experience is that of appreciation or gratitude.


My reflection in the mirror this morning showed signs of stress, fatigue and anxiousness. This is due to revising and studying. It’s not a look I covet, though; I prefer a healthy glow, one that shows that I love my life!  I need to get back to appreciating my world and everything within it. I therefore decided to get out of my “study bubble” and share this thought.


On a daily basis, I have a minimum of three reasons to be grateful. Not everyone has a loving family, fantastic friends, and an exciting job filled with amazing staff and students.  There are so many other wonderful reasons to be appreciative. For instance, I could be grateful for shelter, nourishing food, nature—the list is endless!


So whilst you carry on with your daily lives—or even before you start your day, why don’t you boost your spirits in this way as well?   Just thinking about all the luck we have is healing…almost therapeutic!


That’s just a simple but important way to feel good from within. Other ways include: scrumptious food, great music, exercise and more, but without enjoying these things, you are simply a robot!


Appreciation, then, makes me feel human again!


Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it!

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