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【Divorce from Europe】     【要点解説あり】

(Contributed by Karl)
What a week it has been for the United Kingdom. While that is now under debate, majority of Scotland voted to stay in the EU on Thursday 23rd of June and now want a second referendum to leave Britain as they failed to exit Britain in 2014 for their own independence. Votes panned out like this: remain a member of the EU 48.1% with 16,141,241 votes, and leave the EU was 51.9% with 17,410,742 votes.
So what now? Well David Cameron has stepped down from being the Prime Minister. He did not immediately invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which is necessary in order to begin the formal process of withdrawal. It has divided Britain. People expressed joy and anger and fear to the exit. Cameron and analysts said there will be an impact on economy and uncertain times if we go out of the EU but people said it was just scaremongering. What happened? He was right, it has caused not just uncertainty in the UK but around the world which nobody was expecting. Not even the stock market.
Political fallout has now started and now there is a EU referendum petition calling for a second vote”after the vote to exit” that over 2 million people have already signed. For me, nobody thought this through, and all I can say on this is that it was an emotional vote rather than a rational one. The media stresses the negatives more than the positives. Just look at the Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton campaign for president. Let’s hope they have a rational vote.
I do believe change is good as a rest, but what a mess even for the other European countries, which one of them I live in. So on a positive note, time to watch Adele at Glastonbury on the Television. Of course with cold glass of beer. Cheers, keep calm, and carry on.
Love is rare, life is strange. Nothing lasts and politics change.



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