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【Dating vs. Job Hunting】



(Contributed by Yuka)

Dating vs. Job Hunting


Job hunting is like dating to me. When you have someone, you seem to be more attractive to others because you are more relaxed; similarly, if you have a job, you seem more attractive to other companies, because a company already values you.


I often hear people say, “Find a job when you have one.” This is a true statement to me. Many times, when I thought I was not going to get a new job, I had been offered many. When I was not really looking for any, I felt that other companies wanted to hire me.


This phenomenon is very similar when it comes to personal relationships. People in committed relationships—married men or women, for example—can be more attractive to single people and others, because they are not looking for a partner. They do not appear hungry for a relationship nor do they appear desperate.


For example, one of my Japanese students who works at a Japanese company used to be single. She was not considered attractive by her peers, but after she started going out with someone, she became more attractive to many men. She became attractive because someone values her. So, job hunting is the same way.


I went to an interview for a summer job, and I thought I did terribly in the interview—or just OK. It seemed like they interviewed five people or more candidates for one position. I knew I didn’t do well. I told all my friends I did not get that job, but that I was happy I didn’t. Later that day, I wrote the company a thank you letter. That was the end, I thought. A couple of hours later, they called me and stated “You are hired!” I was so shocked. Now, I have to think about what I should do about my other jobs. I will figure it out later.


Similarly, if you are in a stable relationship, you will most likely attract many men if you are a girl, or more women if you are a man—which can be a problem, because ultimately you have to settle on just one. 


Has anyone ever had these types of problems?

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