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【Hole in 1!!!】

(Contributed by Reuben)
I think everybody knows what a hole in 1 is, but just in case it’s when you strike that ball for the for the first time on a particular hole, and the ball goes in the hole on the first swing. So want to know what the odds are for two hole in ones in consecutive order? 26 million to 1! Think it’s impossible? Well it happened to a golfing married couple recently Tony and Janet Blundy. A hole in one is a rare occurrence like a: blue moon, rainbow, four leaf clover, and any number of other lucky things you can think of. Some golfers can go through there whole life, and never receive one. Personally I think this married couple must be blessed. Not only did they both receive a hole in one on the same day, but also on the same hole, and one right after the other. Was it luck? Was it skill? Well whatever it is no one can argue that it’s a nice thing for a couple to share in.

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