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【タイの休日】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Sawa)

I was in Bangkok on a business trip. I had meetings with my clients on Thu and Fri, and I had some other appointments the next Mon and Tue in Bangkok. I happened to have free time on the weekend in Thailand. Then some brilliant idea came up on my mind… It’s only about a 45min flight to Phuket from Bangkok! It didn’t take time for me to make up my mind to hit the plane and have wonderful time on the weekend in Phuket by scuba diving. I really enjoyed blue clear water and beautiful shells and fish in this island. Although I wanted to stay there a couple more days for relaxing, I had to get back to Bangkok by noon on Mon anyway. So I caught up with the evening flight back to Bangkok on Sun. After a while our flight was on the runway and an attendant announced that after the next plane landed, our flight was taking off shortly. I was looking out at the window vacantly. I saw an airplane landing in a dark through the small window. The next second, something very strange was getting into my sight. …Fire…? Yes, big lump of fire was moving to the end of the main runway. Finally I understood what happened here. The air plane crashed into the runway! Our plane taxied back to the apron. Later I heard that the plane was Thai LCC from Cambodia and about 60 people including all passenger and a crew were unfortunately dead. This is what happened to me in Phuket in 2009. What happened to my appointments in Bangkok? I leave it to your imagination.


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