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【South Carolina–Native American History–】



(Contributed by Crystal)

South Carolina

Native American History


South Carolina is rich in history. It’s on the East Coast where some of the first settlers in America made their home. However, before settlers from the West arrived here, there were many Native American tribes who lived all over the state: the Creek, the Catawba, the Cherokee and the Pee Dee Indians were a few tribes among many others that resided in South Carolina at one time.


The American Indians sustained themselves by living along the banks of rivers in South Carolina. The many rivers that vein there way diagonally across the state gave life to many tribes. The rivers afforded them food, water and fertile land in which they grew their crops. Also, much wildlife lives within the wooded area of the river banks.


The Creek Indians resided primarily near the Savannah, Edisto, and Ashley River areas. Each river is located in the southern area of the state.


The Catawba Indians resided in the northwest area of the state.  They lived along the Catawba River.


The Cherokee Indians are probably the most well-known tribe that ever lived in South Carolina, and some Cherokee Indians still live in the state today. Many people proclaim their Cherokee American Indian heritage and are proud to have this Native American group as a part of their family history.


The Pee Dee Indians’ earliest records come from the colonists of South Carolina.

The U.S. government confined the Indians to small reservations of land in the 1800s. War and disease annihilated most of the Indians in South Carolina.




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