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【Thoughts from Nara Visit -2 】

(Contributed by Takashi)
If so, why and how the railroad companies in the Capital region apparently had easier time overcoming opposition than the case of here in Kansai? The answer might be able to explain a lot about the developmental differences existing between the two regions.
On the way to Nara, I was looking outside through the train windows, reminiscing the olden days I used to visit various places in the East Osaka region, such as Imazato, Hanazono and Shijyonawate. As I was indulging myself in nostalgia, the train was ascending Mount Ikoma toward Ishikiri. Then, up on the hill, I was rewarded with magnificent panoramic views of the Osaka Plain. I could see the skyscrapers lined up from Umeda to Nakanoshima in distance. They looked like the pieces of miniature buildings you find in a diorama. And the diorama-like view I was able to see from there was splendid.
The best view of the Osaka Plain I have ever had was the ones I got from the airplanes flying into the Itami Airport, which unfortunately you cannot enjoy casually, of course. I would say, the view from the Kintetsu Nara line around Isihikiri Station is an affordable alternative. You should try it if you live in Osaka.
The funny thing was that it seemed I was the only person in that car fascinated by the view. It was a week day that I was taking the train. So, the other passengers were probably regulars using the line for commuting and looking at the view multiple times in a week. I was not embarrassed. Later, I sort of hoped that my excited demeanor reminded them how special the views are and how lucky those people are, watching them as part of their daily routines.

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