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【The Seasons of Toronto】


(Contributed by Mike)
There’s an old joke in Toronto, and it goes like this:
Q: How many seasons does Toronto have?
A: Two seasons; winter and construction.
This is something that may be familiar in your neck of the woods. Toronto’s winters are long as befits a northern country, but as soon as the snow melts and the leaves start to grow, the city starts its efforts to fix roads and do maintenance.
Construction season is in full swing.
Most of the time these effects aren’t felt too greatly. Toronto is a city of many streets, and there’s often a detour you can take to get around some construction blocking your way. But with warmer weather come summer events in the city. During most weekends in the summer, you’ll find some large public event in the city that shuts down streets. So the combination of construction and events (not to mention regular baseball and basketball games) can bring traffic and travel in the city to a crawl.
Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about this. Most construction happens during the day because bylaws are in place to prevent the loud noises of construction during the sleeping hours. And the construction has to happen as soon as winter is over; Toronto’s roads are heavily salted for safety, and that salt is very damaging to the asphalt.
No wonder bicycles are becoming more popular in the city!

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