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【South Korea – Part 2】


(Contributed by Alana)
After our friend left Seoul to return home, my boyfriend and I had three days to explore the city by ourselves.
Our first day alone we had our busiest day of the whole vacation. According to my electronic fitness tracker, we walked 23 kilometres! First, went to Gangnam to visit a famous shopping mall and aquarium. We saw another Buddhist temple as well and were able to listen to a prayer service. There were hundreds of people in this temple and it was beautifully decorated as well.
Afterwards, we went to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, which had huge buildings and gigantic grounds. It took us hours to walk around the whole thing! We also walked along the Cheonggyecheon Stream which was also decorated for Buddha’s upcoming birthday. It was lit beautifully and had glowing statues everywhere.
The next day, we had our only rainy day of the whole trip. We went back to Gangnam to visit a World Heritage Site – the Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty. Right in the middle of this busy neighbourhood there was a forest with burials of some of Korea’s most famous rulers. Then, we visited another palace which had a huge garden attached to it. There were trees that were hundreds of years old and lovely ponds and gazebos everywhere. We also visited some markets and small museums.
On our last full day in Seoul, we visited some famous tourist attractions. We went to the National Museum and saw thousands of years of Korean history. This is exactly what I’m interested in! We also visited the War Memorial, which had some amazing artifacts and stories from soldiers of the Korean War. Lastly, we went shopping in some markets and malls and walked around outside to enjoy the nightlife.
We were very sad to leave Seoul, but we were very grateful that we could experience such a beautiful city for a few days.

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