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【The Foods We Eat】



(Contributed by Crystal)

The Foods We Eat




              One of the defining aspects of any culture is food. Usually when we think of culture, we think of the clothes people wear; the language they speak; the religion that unites their society. However, as societies evolve and intermingle, the lines that differentiate one culture from another become more and more obscure, and we are less and less able to distinguish one culture from another.


              Even though our cultures are intertwining, there are still some determiners that have yet to subside. The food that we eat is one of those factors. The United States is known for its modernity, and we have great restaurants which replicate authentic food from foreign countries (what a paradox).  Some restaurants are actually authentic, but what we do best is replicate, if we are not authentic; but the point is, that hidden behind all of this, are the people of America who have their own way of surviving in their specific environment, and they have their own authentic foods.


              I cannot speak for all of America, but I can speak for the particular region in which I live, and here (maybe to the world’s surprise), many people prefer to forego the restaurants and either grow their own food, hunt and fish, or, they do it all.


              There are many crazy foods that South Carolinians like to eat: frogs, rabbits, alligators, deer, sharks, raccoons, squirrels and some people even eat rattlesnakes! Surprisingly, alligator is a delicacy. You can go to a restaurant and order this as an appetizer. This is my favorite appetizer that is served at one of my favorite restaurants.

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