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【The Foods We Eat Part II 】



(Contributed by Crystal)

The Foods We Eat


Part II


              My favorite restaurant, that serves alligator, is situated on the bank of a major canal. This canal joins the Cooper River and Lake Moultrie. The purpose of the canal is to provide water to generate power for local communities. The subsequent benefit is that it also provides food—not just for the restaurant, but it swarms with catfish, bream, shad, bass, and yes alligators.  Alligators which are caught, killed, and marketed to my favorite restaurant that sits on the bank of the canal, and it serves alligator to people like me, as appetizers.


              People like me sit on the dock, which is on the outside of the restaurant suspended directly over the water by massive pillars. The water streams under us as we sit in the sun, or under an umbrella, while we watch the boats run up and down the canal and order alligator bites.  


              Alligator bites are very small portions of the alligator’s tail. It’s sunk in a batter and deep fried in oil. The waitress brings them out in a small basket, steaming hot. I like to eat them with a special sauce that looks like mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together. It’s a spicy sauce and the dish is a perfect complement to my favorite beverage. Alligator is a delicious food that is fun to eat, and really not bad for you at all. In fact, they’re high in protein and lean. The best part about it is, it’s delicious!

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