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【The animal I would like to be】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Ian)
We see the almighty’s creations everywhere from croaking frogs in the garden after a rain, to the birds of the air and water life in the ponds, stream and lakes near dwelling places. And there are those not too appealing crawling ‘creepies’ (apologies to those who like them). But the sweetest and cutest of all are the furry friends who one can have at home- a dog.
Every morning when I woke up, my awakening was not from a pre-set alarm in my android or from my old alarm clock which my dad swears by-he says it will even wake up the deepest of sleepers, but from my dearest, sweetest four-legged dachshund-Gypsy. This one would jump on the bed and demand her share of morning attention which one could first deem as irritation and then would immediately melt into affection. She was twelve years old when I last saw her. A bright, bonny, beautiful thing who would just shower love incessantly from the bottom of her beautiful doggy heart. Never a day would her tail stop wagging from the innocence and unconditional happiness she had within.
She was so caring that she would understand one’s unhappiness- share those tears with a comforting bask in our happy moments with a delightful yelp and a leap of energy. She came to us as a little black bundle wrapped in a swaddling white sheet. Destructive she was as a wee one-tearing up things- from slippers to furniture and just when we thought that that stage would never end, there came a time that she transformed into this majestic lady-like beauty who was so graceful and petite that feminism oozed from the way she sat down and elegantly moved around.
Then there were her beautiful dark eyes which held such deep and inexplicable beauty that simply said-“I know, I understand and I love you”.
One day in October last year, she fell sick. Though we left no stone unturned to get her treated, she gradually deteriorated. I had been away from home for three months and returned to see this lovely creature, lying unwell and just able to look up, faintly wag her tail and lie down again. She passed away peacefully in her sleep that night and I truly believe that she bore her agony and suffering just because she knew in her doggy head that I was to come back and she was to say goodbye.
Such unconditional love I have never seen or probably never will. Gypsy in her 12 years of life has left an indelible and lasting mark in my mind and in my heart that no one can ever replace. I truly think that if I ever live in an animal form, I would choose to be my dear pet Gypsy and spread her love and limitless happiness.

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