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【The Pan Am Games】


(Contributed by Mike)
Last time I talked about the different “seasons” of Toronto. “Construction season” is in full swing, creating all sorts of chaos in the city, and as summer rolls on, different events around the city add to the congestion.
So it’s not so surprised that, despite the city’s attempts to promote the upcoming Pan American Games, a lot of Torontonians aren’t too happy. The games are expected to bring 250,000 visitors to Toronto in July, and to help with congestion, some new traffic rules will be put in place.
Some critics say that all of this will make getting around the city worse. Some of the major streets will have HOV, or High-Occupancy Vehicle, lanes. These are lanes where you need at least 3 people in the vehicle to drive in, which limits the number of people who can use this lane. Toronto’s public transit system, while extensive, is fairly old and in need of maintenance. Just last week, a subway interruption caused by a radio malfunction stranded 100,000 commuters on their way to work in the morning. Some question if Toronto is truly ready to host a world-class sporting event.
But perhaps people are panicking for no reason. While it’s unfortunate for the committee managing the games, so far hotel bookings are far lower than expected. Toronto may not see as many visitors as predicted. Additionally, while there are a number of sporting venues in the city itself, many are located on the outskirts. All this might mean that Toronto won’t feel the effects of the game as badly as some are predicting.
This is an interesting problem, more so because Toronto has aspiration to host the Summer Olympic games. I think many people involved in the planning of the Tokyo Olympics games will be watching what happens in Toronto closely.

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