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【Storytelling—Part 1】



(Contributed by Sharan)

Storytelling—Part 1


Some of the best stories are the ones that are fun and evoke a certain emotion in the storyteller. Embarrassing stories are often the best types to share with close friends and family members. You can even share them with perfect strangers, if the story doesn’t really bother you and isn’t too personal.  They are just good fun to listen to.   I had the pleasure of hearing a great personal tale from one of my student’s this week. It was a fun, engaging and informative story, and it got me thinking about storytelling again.


When we speak publicly, we should always aim to inform, engage and educate the audience. In fact, some amazing comedians do a fantastic job of this. However, other comedians are famous for the very opposite reason, their lacklustre and often awkward take on storytelling is celebrated instead.  It’s seen as funny and highly entertaining to watch—that is of course if you like that sort of thing. 


With storytelling, you can talk about a weird situation, a surreal experience, or a fun/silly prank.  In fact, anything can become a good story as long as you can find a common connecting factor, and a way to display the story to its full potential.  The ordinary tale can become an extraordinary one once you add the right amount of herbs and spices into the linguistic mix.


To be continued…

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