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【International Football Competition – Part 4】



(Contributed by Ana)

International Football Competition – Part 4


As of the 6th of July, many countries have been knocked out of the international football competition in Brazil.  It now seems much easier to think about which countries are still in the competition rather than who is out!


There have been some great matches, and we have seen some incredibly talented football players from many different countries.   However, only four teams now remain: Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Netherlands. 


These teams are going head to head on the following dates:


     Brazil versus Germany on the 8th of July; and

     Argentina versus Netherlands on the 9th of July.


The losers from each of these two matches will then play on the 12th of July to determine who is in third place.  The winners from these two matches on the other hand, will play on the 13th of July to determine who will be the winner of the 2014 international football competition.


As for who will win, the bookmakers odds in the UK indicate that Argentina is the most likely to win.  They are very closely followed by both Germany and Brazil.  Netherlands then slightly lags in fourth place.  However, the betting odds between all of these countries are so tiny that I think anyone could win!


By the time this blog posting goes live, it will all be over and we will know who the winner is. 


It’s exciting stuff!    

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