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【Upgrading Food】


(Contributed by George)
Genetically modified food is certainly a controversial issue here in the UK. To some it is a way to make our food safe and chemical free, to others it is potentially dangerous to human health and maybe even damaging to the environment.
It is certainly a serious concern for a lot of people here in Britain and across the world. For example, a new genetically modified ingredient is a type of Aubergine (“Eggplant” in US English) is being grown in India that is resistant to bugs and other diseases. It is proving popular with farmers who can produce food more cheaply and with less chemical ‘pesticides’.
But even in India, there are some who see it as the destruction of the natural environment and want to have only ‘organic’ vegetables. ‘Organic’ is an adjective that is controversial in its precise meaning, but generally it refers to naturally grown food, using traditional methods and no chemicals.
Here in Britain, we don’t have many GM foods in the supermarket as lots of people don’t buy GM foods by choice, but even here we already feed animals GM food as it much cheaper.
Pro-GM people (people who want GM) argue that we need genetically modified food to feed the world’s growing population, anti-GM people battle against this by saying it might damage the planet and the local plants and animals.
The important thing is both sides want the best for humanity, and if we listen to the science we have the great hope of finding the right route into the future, whichever we discover is the correct way.
It’s nice we care about good food, and lovely that we even consider where it came from.
Happy Eating,

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