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【South Korea – Part 3】


(Contributed by Alana)
After a few days in Seoul, my boyfriend and I took a one hour flight to Jeju, a small Korean island south of the mainland, to see where my friend lived. It felt like we were in a tropical country! There were palm trees, mountains, and beaches everywhere.
My friend lives in a dormitory far from the main city, surrounded by farmland. Every morning, a rooster would crow to wake us up. Our first night there, we traveled to the city ate authentic Korean barbeque for the first time and met some of her friends. The city was much, much smaller than Seoul! There was no subway or train system, only buses and taxis. It was very interesting to go from such a large, metropolitan area to a small, rural area.
Jeju is famous for its beaches, so our first day there, we traveled to the nearest beach. It had white sand, blue water, and black volcanic rock everywhere. I couldn’t believe we were still in Korea. It was so different from Seoul! We relaxed on the beach all day and ordered fried chicken and pizza for dinner. It was from a small restaurant, but it was some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten.
We visited a total of three beaches while in Jeju and even went swimming at the third one. The water was still pretty cold, but we managed to swim for a few minutes. Since it was still early in summer, the beaches were not too busy so we were able to relax, swim and tan.
Jeju is also known for its beautiful mountains and scenery, so we were able to go on quite a few hikes while we were there as well.

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