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【Note on Bargain Hunting Discussion on June 16, 2015 – No. 1】


(Contributed by Takashi)
Here are sentences I made to complete, edit, expand or summarize what we talked during the Discussion on 6/16. The purpose is purely for your study reference. Hope this will help – Takashi
I like my backpack I bought the other day. That has been very useful to carry my books when I go to college.
I have a favorite store where I often buy my clothes. It is close to/near my house. So, it’s quite convenient. The store is part of an American owned chain store company. It has its stores/retail outlets all over/across the world.
I like buying furniture/utility items that help(s) me organize my stuff/belongings at home. For example, I bought some storage boxes the other day. I really like to keep my home tidy and organized and I try to pack things away. The boxes I bought were ideal for that purpose.
My hat I got the other way was a really good buy with good quality at a reasonable price. I particularly like its feature – the fabric of the hat contains an anti-UV material to protect my face from exposure to UV.
“Brim” is the flat part of your hat that stretches out and prevents the sun from getting in your eyes or giving you unwanted tans.
Men tend to buy clothes haphazardly without trying and end up wasting money because they find their newly clothes the wrong size only when they get back home.
Women, on the other hand, are more careful, taking the time to try their clothes in the fitting room and make it sure that they are buying the right size. However, you can argue that women are spending too much time for shopping.
Another area of men’s shopping habit leading to potential wasteful spending is purchasing of electronics gadgets. Many men like to buy the latest computer- and information technology-related products. The problem is that those gadgets can soon become outdated and useless.

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